Thorsten Manthey - ITIL Expert, Governance & Change Champion 

People Change Management, All Things ITSM Podcast at FUSION15 (Video Podcast)

Thorsten Manthey, talked to the All Things ITSM hosts about what People Change Management is. Are people actually using the tools or the process you are implementing? What would happen if people are not changing the way they are working?


Bridging the ITSM Information Gap, FUSION18 (RecordingPPTTemplates
How does a Process Owners develop a Strategic Process Roadmap to bridge the information gap between the operational day-to-day execution and the IT Strategy? This presentation describes in detail how a Process Owner can develop a long term 3-year Strategic Process Roadmap that is aligned with the IT and ITSM strategy.

ITSM Governance Is Imperative to Succeed, FUSION17 (RecordingPPT, Templates

Here’s a fact: ITSM governance is imperative to the success of ITSM programs. This presentation describes what must be done to establish a comprehensive ITSM governance framework to ensure long-term success and return on ITSM investment. One major governance beast is introduced and "killed" by using Strategic Process Roadmaps. Detailed Roadmap templates are provided.

People Change Management is the success to your project, itSMF Ottawa PD Day 2017 (PPTTemplates)

The presentation highlights how to “sell” the need for People Change Management and how it contributes to project benefit realization. You can use this “easy to communicate” message with your IT leaders and project managers when pushing for the need of People Change Management within your program/project.

The Process Owner is the Secret Agent, itSMF Norway 2017 (PPTTemplates)

How the Secret Agent (Process Owner) can develop a Strategic Process Roadmap to bridge the information gap between the operational day-to-day execution and the IT Strategic planning. This presentation describes how a Process Owner can develop a long term 3-year Strategic Process Roadmap that is aligned with the IT and ITSM strategy. Detailed roadmap templates in PowerPoint and an Excel workbook with instructions are provided.

Establishing Strategic Process Roadmaps, itSMF Expo 16, Sweden, Stockholm (PPT, Templates)

​This presentation describes in detail how a Process Owner can develop a long term 3-year Strategic Process Roadmap that is aligned with the IT and ITSM strategy. The presentation will also provide a short overview of ITSM governance and how the Process Owners act within the governance framework.

WHO-HOW-WHAT - An Approach to Effective People Change Management, FUSION 15 (RecordingPPT, Templates)

This WHO-HOW-WHAT approach is a structured and rapid approach to establish your Communication and Training plan by identifying WHO is impacted, HOW they are being impacted and WHAT you are going to do about this in regards to communications and training.

People Change Management Strategy Workshop, itSMF Ottawa Canada (Presentation, Template)

Focus on the first phase of the People Change Management process – Prepare for Change - is imperative! The People Change Management strategy answers the question: How much People Change Management is needed for my project? Any project or program that have done their “preparation” before the execution phase will be more successful, knowing what is needed and who will be impacted by the change initiative.

People Change Management - The key to successful projects, itSMF Norway (Zip file - templates and presentation)

How do I “sell” the need for People Change Management and how does it contributes to project benefit realization and ROI? This “easy to communicate” method can be used when engaging with IT leaders and project managers when pushing for the need for People Change Management.

A three legged stool (People, Process & Technology) cannot stand on two legs, FUSION 14 (PowerPoint, Voice Recording)

Why is People and Cultural Change Management critical to ITSM program/project success (or any IT or business project)? Two industry recognized change management frameworks – ADKAR and John P. Kotter’s 8 steps - are combined and used when executing successful People and Cultural Change Management.

Establish a Comprehensive Process Governance Framework, FUSION 13 (PDF, Voice Recording)

Ensuring clear accountabilities and assigned responsibilities for IT process operation, integration and continual improvement! What must be done to establish a comprehensive process governance framework? Challenges and benefits as well as some learning’s from establishing multiple governance initiatives.

Establish a Comprehensive Process Governance Framework, ThoughtRock (Video)

What organizational structures that need to be put in place, the roles that need to be assigned, responsibilities and accountabilities for each role and the council to be established in order to operate and govern IT processes within an organization. Which Process and Governance Roles do I have to define? What is each role Accountable and Responsible for? How do these Roles interact? How are process integration and escalation issues managed? How is continuous communication channels established between processes? 


White Paper: ITSM Governance, Process Ownership and Implementation of Strategic Process Roadmaps (PDF)

The Strategic Process Roadmap, developed by the Process Owners is making sure the Process has a long term strategic focus and that investments and improvements are in alignment with the IT Strategy and the organizations Vision. To create the Strategic Process Roadmap is a tactical exercise that creates a strategic plan, it is almost like magic!

ITSM Governance is not a Scary Halloween Monster (IT Chronicles Article)

If you think ITSM Governance is scary or is a monster you have to face – you are wrong!

ITSM Governance is the capability an organization needs to establish so they can kill and stop feeding many scary monsters they are facing today (i.e. process, technical, people, partner or other challenges).

Implement Strategic Process Roadmaps or keep feeding the beast (HDI News article; Templates)

The beast feeds on anything that is not clear, confusing or lacks structure and guidance. It’s a monster that will take up more and more of your time, resources, funding, and efforts. It will drain the organization of progress and ensure no continuous improvement takes place! Kill the beast by implementing ITSM Governance and developing Strategic Process Roadmaps.

Assess or Get Lost, itSMF Canada National Newsletter (News articlePosted on Navvia's blog)

​If you are just starting your ITSM program or have been working on improving your ITSM environment for some time, you need to know where you are to be able to be successful and address you most critical “pain points” first. 

Requestable Offering vs. Service Offering (News article)

What is the difference between a Requestable Offering and a Service Offering and why is it important to distinguish between the two?

Communication and Change Management Plan, itSMF USA, The Forum Newsletter (News article)

Many studies have been performed, books written, and projects analyzed to identify the reasons for both project success and project failure. The number one contributor to success is Executive and Management Sponsorship and conversely, the lack of this factor is the main contributor to project failure. 

​IT Cost Models and IT Charge back Considerations (PowerPoint)

The goal of Financial Management for IT Services is to provide a cost effective stewardship of the IT assets and financial
resources used in providing IT services.

​IT and Business Value Creation (PowerPoint)

IT organizations have the desire to achieve a higher degree of partnership and alignment with the business which
is driving the adoption of IT Transformation. Businesses today are counting on their IT organizations to transform IT
service delivery and organizations that master the management of the full life cycle of IT services to deliver tangible
business benefits.



I am passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge about IT Service Management, Process Governance, Cultural Transformation and People Change Management.

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